Typo is an engineering intelligence platform designed for high-performing software teams to ship reliable software faster. With Typo, find real-time bottlenecks in your SDLC, automate code reviews, and measure developer experience. - **Pulse** Typo connects with Git, Issue Management, CI/CD, Slack, etc with pre-built integrations in your dev tool stack, to help teams gain visibility, identify blockers, predict sprint delays & measures business impact enabling modern software teams to move faster in the right direction. - **Flow** Typo's built-in automated code reviews, auto-generated fixes & suggested hotspots, it enables to merge clean, secure, high-quality code, faster. - **DevEx** With a holistic framework to capture developer experience, Typo helps in understanding how devs are doing & what can be done to improve their productivity **![](https://lh7-us.googleusercontent.com/wakOiu_gl6IEW0Cj3aqUh4UnZP7NLCYqB5TYzK4oCdobQAvy4mt6ZfsMwYuQVMuK0b2ogBLFUNbasDGRJyeyiBwuElXYwSY9sST4UFl9yhyKmyOv1B8K0Jct-3A1-LnoC7Fzt4ZjN5jQpWxEgMHMXVk)** ### Use Cases **For Engineering Leaders** - **Maximise the business impact of engineering** - Measure costs, time & resources spent on tech debt, roadmap items, bugs, etc. - Identify the SDLC metrics that impact the dev efficiency & remove blockers in realtime. - Build a productive team culture the developer experience & well being insights **For Engineering Managers - Deliver fast without breaking things** - Identify delivery bottlenecks in real-time & stay updated with automated alerts. - Drive continuous improvement with custom team goals & progress reports. - Prevent burnout & balance workload distribution **For Developers** - **Level up your dev game** - Ship PRs & code reviews faster with automated code reviews/fixes & slack workflows. - Gain visibility & measure the impact of your work on your team efficiency. - Identify areas of improvement across work & well being and set goals for improvement.